Tips and Tricks – How To Manage Time For JEE

Those pesky exams are here again? Cannot decide how to keep calm and channel yourself in the last moments? Don’t worry, I have been through it and I know how difficult it is to cope with preparation, leave alone the expectations and immense pressure due to competition.

So, as a student-to-student, here are some tips and tricks to maximize your preparation and the most out of your hard-work.


Plain and simple. As easy as that. Sit down, analyse your weak points, all the potholes and design a time table which will cover all your topics with priority given to all the easy as well as difficult topics.

Ever made a plan and didn’t succeed? Don’t blame time but be honest and FOLLOW. A grid with different timings written on it won’t do you any good. Be honest to yourself and FOLLOW.


No one aces exams by thinking supernatural things. There is no tooth fairy in this world which would magically appear on the day of JEE and provide you with every answer. You need to step up, realize your level and study accordingly. Not everyone can be rank 1 or rank 100. You need to be practical, accept the truth and work hard rather than day dream through the time where you should have actually prepared

 3) NCERT is not a laughing stock

You might have ridiculed NCERT, not even opened it for the whole year because you were so busy admiring unsolvable questions with a super high complexity that don’t even come in the exam. If you are a mechanic, NCERT is the tool to crack open that machine known as JEE. Start with basics and then only move on to high order books. Over the past years, NCERT questions have dominated the JEE sphere.

4) Determination is better than fear

So this guy comes up to you and boasts about how he studies 14 hours a day and solves questions from books written by authors from the planet mars. You get worried just by the fact that you are not giving enough time. Believe me, studying 4 hours with determination is better than studying for 15 hours out of year. And remember, quality is better than quality. You can win a war with a little ammo and a lot of brains. But infinite ammo would be useless if you don’t know it how to use it properly.

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