JEE Mains 2016: Don’t Miss these Important Topics

Every year, distribution of marks to different topics is not uniform. Analysts at dreamJEE have analysed certain topics for each subject that would help a student ace his JEE (Mains) with flying colours.

NOTE: This analysis is only for JEE (Mains) 2016 and we do not encourage students to skip any topic

There are 20 topics overall in the JEE syllabus. Here are the topics that you must be thorough with:

1) Dimensional Analysis
2) Gravitation
3) Electrostatics
4) Current Electricity & Heat Transfer
5) Electromagnetic Induction
6) Geometrical Optics
7) Rotational Dynamics

Preparation Resource: Physics Video Lectures for JEE 2016


1) Chemical Bonding
2) Carbonyl Compounds & their derivatives
3) Redox reactions, Mole Concept & the concept of equivalents
4) Solid state
5) Thermochemistry & the Second Law of Thermodynamics
6) Inorganic Chemistry

Preparation Resource: Chemistry Video Lectures for JEE 2016

Maths is an exception. We advise students to go through every topic cautiously as all the topics are interconnected. Still, here are the most important of them:

1) Trigonometry and Solution of Triangles
2) Calculus
3) Co-Ordinate Geometry
4) Vectors and 3D
5) Probability

Preparation Resource: Maths Video Lectures for JEE 2016

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