How to juggle JEE and Board exams, and succeed too

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Often Class 12 students are faced with a challenge this time of the year. The time we call the exam time. The stakes are quite high as with peer pressure and future anticipations and plans, one has to stay ahead of the preparation game and manage between the two ends of a tough nut. The IIT JEE and Class 12 [...]

How to manage time like a pro for IIT JEE 2017

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Yes. It is that time of the year when students are stuck between preparation for competitive exams and rehearsal for CBSE/ICSE board exams. With competition so cut-throat these days, it only boils down to how to execute our planning and get good results. And nothing great is achieved without proper asset management. The most crucial asset that one should learn [...]

A smart study plan for success in JEE 2017

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With board as well as entrance exams approaching, students really need to amp up their preparation and planning. With only three months left for entrance exams, it is crucial for them to prepare a meticulous study plan that covers all the requisite concepts, giving them the chance to ace both the types of exams. If your internet search landed you [...]

Most Important and Scoring Topics in IIT JEE Maths

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“People will rate you, shake you and break you. But how strong you stand is what makes you. ” Maths remains to be a mystery for a lot of JEE aspirants. Over the years, it has been considered to be the most challenging subject. Here we discuss the different branches of Maths and how much importance they carry. 1) Algebra: [...]

Tips and Motivation for JEE 2016 Candidates

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Feeling demotivated and low? Do you doubt your chances of getting into your dream college? Here are 5 motivational tips that you should browse through before you give up completely on your IIT-JEE preparation. Believe me, you could rattle the stars. You could do anything, if only you dared.  1. It always seems impossible until it’s done  Do you think [...]

6 Techniques to ace IIT-JEE Questions

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Having trouble tackling those complex problems? Go through these tips before you sit to study the next time. 1. A strong foundation leads to a greater success One thing every student should keep in mind is that no concept is big or small. Most of the aspirants take the basic concepts for granted and directly jump to the complex ones. [...]

JEE Mains 2016: Don’t Miss these Important Topics

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Every year, distribution of marks to different topics is not uniform. Analysts at dreamJEE have analysed certain topics for each subject that would help a student ace his JEE (Mains) with flying colours. NOTE: This analysis is only for JEE (Mains) 2016 and we do not encourage students to skip any topic  1.) PHYSICS There are 20 topics overall in [...]

Tips and Tricks – How To Manage Time For JEE

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Those pesky exams are here again? Cannot decide how to keep calm and channel yourself in the last moments? Don’t worry, I have been through it and I know how difficult it is to cope with preparation, leave alone the expectations and immense pressure due to competition. So, as a student-to-student, here are some tips and tricks to maximize your [...]


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With a lot of buzz around one of the largest exams in the world, students get ready to face the JEE-Main 2016 exam. The preparation is in its final phase and every student wants to be thoroughly updated with the patterns, execution and changes to boost their mental compatibility so as to face JEE (Mains) exam in April 2016. Down [...]


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Here are some common mistakes that every student should avoid making while preparing for IIT-JEE 1. Excuses One of the major causes of failure is excuses. When asked, most of us say, “I don’t feel like studying” or “I just gave my board exams, I need a break”. To achieve something, you have to work hard. Put in your mind, [...]